History of Trolli

Herbert and Willy Mederer

The Trolli Company as you know it has been in existence since 1975. But its history starts much earlier. It begins after the Second World War with a noodles and pasta manufacturing firm; when sugar became cheaper and easier to get hold of, the owner Willy Mederer switched to manufacturing confectionery. His sweet-toothed customers can’t get enough of the products so he expands his range and starts to market the goods under the name “Wilmed”. In order to meet the continually rising demand, his son Herbert Mederer soon joins the confectionery business. The family now proceeds to banish any kind of boredom from the confectionery industry with its continually new innovations. From now on, Mederer specialises completely in fruit gums. This calls for a new name: Trolli is born in 1975. The first cult products are soon created: “Trolli Apple Rings” and “Trolli Peach Rings”.


Original Films of Trolli
 The success spreads over the big pond – Trolli goes USA! When founding father Mederer dies in 1984, his son Herbert takes over leadership of the company as chief executive partner. He continues to bring these new crazy fruit gum creations onto the market with unceasing energy. The manufacturing technology too is always at the highest level. “Wurrli”, the three-layer “Trolli Burger” and the top seller “Sour Glowworms” are created. In 1993 Mederer wins the Candy Kettle Award. Trolli has such a success with its hilarious fruit gums that the company starts to focus more strongly on its international business (Spain, China, USA) and the two confectionery manufacturers Efruti and Gummi Bear Factory are integrated. Since 2012 all German locations are marketed under the corporate name TROLLI GmbH.